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Dive in Paradise

Just like Sipadan, Pulau Mabul has grabbed the world’s

attention for its own attractions. It is slightly larger than

Sipadan, and even has its own village. However, the

seascape in Mabul is starkly different, yet equally

stunning. While pelagics are the main stars in Sipadan,

Mabul is a macro haven for its diversity of tiny

marine life.

Just off the edge of the island’s jetty is Froggy Lair. This

dive site is typical of the many others here. The visibility

is usually limited to just several metres. But vigilant divers

will soon notice a teeming fish life on the sea bed and in

the holes.

They range from the well-camouflaged crocodile fish and

frogfish, to more unique-looking creatures like pipefish,

scorpionfish and the colourful mandarinfish. With an

average depth of only 10 metres, you will be able to

devote a longer time finding these fascinating fish along

your journey here.

Islands off

Pulau Mabul, Kapalai

and Mataking