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Dive in Paradise

At Turtle Cavern, those with cavern-diver certification can

explore the same mysteries that Cousteau and his crew did

30 years ago. Keeping your buoyancy good, you will

enter the opening and soon encounter a macabre chamber

of skeletons. They belong to turtles and some dolphins that

were lost in the labyrinth of tunnels, became disorientated

and drowned. Divers are often warned during their first

orientation dive that they are not allowed to enter the cavern

for their own safety.

At Hanging Gardens, you will enjoy the sight of crowded

corals in a riot of colours. Both soft and hard corals

intermingle seamlessly, while shoals of reef fish keep it a

lively dive site. Another interesting sight will be the

bumphead parrotfish roaming for its favourite food, corals.

Batfish, Moorish idols, hawkfish, groupers and coral trout are

other inhabitants you are likely to spot. Of course, you will

find plenty of anemones here, hosting playful clownfish.

The coral variety repeats itself at

Whitetip Avenue. Large black

corals, gorgonian sea fans

and barrel sponges vie

for attention with

gigantic soft tree

corals. It is almost

a parade of

underwater divas!


Pulau Mabul

Pulau Kapalai

Coral Gardens

Whitetip Avenue

Mid Reef

Turtle Patch

South Point

Staghorn Crest

Barracuda Point

West Ridge

Drop Off

Turtle Cavern

Hanging Gardens

Lobster Lair


North Point





Dive Site