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Perlis Marathon

4 Apr • Tuanku Syed Putra Stadium, Perlis

Perlis Marathon is the medium to introduce the State of Perlis

as one of the main destinations to visit, especially for sports

tourism. Participate in this marathon and discover more

about the peninsular’s northernmost state.

Perlis State Government

T: 604 976 3655



Jelebu Two Wheels Festival

4 - 5 Apr • Muzium Adat, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

Experience nature, culture and adventure in the small town

of Jelebu in Negeri Sembilan. Participants use the trusty two

wheeler to traverse and enjoy the sights and sounds around

the town. The festival will also feature booths and stalls

offering a variety of local delicacies.

Jelebu District Council

T: 606 613 6479 • W:

FB: MDJelebu

Penang International Food Festival

4 - 19 Apr • Around Penang

This is an annual 16-day event, offering you the exciting

experience of indulging in Penang’s world-famous food.

Presenting endless delectable choices, PIFF is the place for

food, stories, culture and traditions.

Penang Global Tourism

T: 604 264 3456 • W:

Karnival Warisan Intelektual Malaysiana: Visit Truly

Asia Malaysia

(Malaysiana Intellectual Heritage Carnival: Visit Truly

Asia Malaysia (Knowledge Tourism))

9 Apr • National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Join in the knowledge sharing sessions to gain insights into

the country’s heritage through a series of seminars, talks,

exhibitions and interactive displays.

National Library of Malaysia

T: 603 2687 1700 ext. 1848 • W:

Temasya Budaya Negeri Melaka

(Melaka Cultural Carnival)

10 - 12 Apr • Dataran Keris, Alor Gajah, Melaka

Temasya Budaya Negeri Melaka is a multiracial celebration

in Melaka to promote and retain the uniqueness of the state’s

culture and heritage.

National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) / Institut

Warisan Melaka (INSWA)

T: 606 233 1787 / 292 6340 • W:

Earth Day Run at Gamuda Cove in Collaboration with

National Geographic

12 Apr • Gamuda Cove, Southern Klang Valley,


2020 marks the third year that National Geographic co-

organises this run with its official partner, Gamuda Land. The

event aims to educate the public about zero waste run, from

not giving out paper cups to bringing your own clean bottle

for upcycling purposes. Participate in this programme where

National Geographic engages with the Malaysian audience

in an unprecedented way.

National Geographic / Gamuda Land

T: 603 7491 3390 • W:

The 17th Anniversary of Historic Melaka City Council


15 Apr • MBMB City Square, Ayer Keroh, Melaka

Catch the official celebration of the 17th anniversary of

Malaysia’s historic city and you will be entertained by popular

artists and exciting cultural performances.

Historic Melaka City Council (MBMB)

T: 606 285 9700 • W:

Kelantan International Giant Kite Festival

16 - 19 Apr • Geting Beach, Tumpat, Kelantan

The wau or giant kite is synonymous with the state of

Kelantan. This programme ensures that the tradition of kite-

flying is inherited by the young generation and experienced

by locals and tourists alike.

Kelantan Tourist Information Centre

T: 609 748 5534 • W:

Regatta Lepa

17 - 18 Apr • Dataran Regatta Lepa, Semporna, Sabah

The Regatta Lepa is an annual event that pays homage to

the lepa, a traditional single-masted sailing boat of the Bajau

community of Semporna. A flotilla of colourful boats dot

the Celebes Sea as participants compete for the title of the

‘Most Beautiful Lepa’. The celebration continues with various

cultural performances, the Lepa Beauty Pageant, cultural

performances, fireworks displays as well as traditional and

contemporary sports and games.

Semporna District Office

T: 6088 212 121 • W: