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16. Things To Do, Sights To See

Things To Do, Sights To See Things To Do, Sights To See

Besides the sun, sea and sail factor, there are many activities awaiting you in Langkawi. These include simple jungle treks, guided bird watching outings, kayaking through mangroves and mountain walks. 

For the more adventurous, there is the Langkawi Canopy Adventures. Thrill-seekers will enjoy the ride of their lives along wire cables strung between tall trees high up in the rainforest canopy. The view from the canopy is simply magnificent. For something different, try horse riding in the pristine rainforests, passing by rubber estates, golf courses and villages. Langkawi Quad Adventure packages are available at Langkawi Cable Car, Lubuk Semilang and Jalan Ulu Melaka, while 4×4 Fun Ride packages are available at Tanjung Rhu. Horse riding along the beach and watersports activities particularly along Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tanjung Rhu are also available.

GALERIA PERDANA about 11 km from Kuah, houses an impressive collection of over 2,500 state gifts and awards presented  to the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah bt Mohd Ali. The exhibits at the gallery include crystalware and gifts fashioned out of wood, leather, silver, copper, pewter, ceramics and glass. There are also musical instruments, Islamic arts and crafts, textiles and weapons. Be inspired by the intricate Islamic architectural designs which adorn the gallery’s ceiling.

Opening Hours:
8.30am-5.30pm (daily)
8.30am-6pm (school/public holiday)
Admission Fee: √
Tel: +604 959 1498

LAMAN PADI LANGKAWI highlights the history, heritage and development of paddy ­cultivation as the oldest ­agricultural ­industry in Malaysia. Among the ­attractions here is a rice museum displaying artefacts, charts and photographs depicting the ­significance of paddy ­cultivation in the ­country. For the uninitiated, try your hand at paddy ­planting using both ­traditional and modern methods of cultivation.

There is also a restaurant offering popular traditional Malay recipes and local ­delicacies, which are ­prepared using rice as the main ingredient.

Opening Hours: 1.00pm-9.00pm (daily)
Admission Fee: √
Tel: +604 955 3225

KOTA MAHSURI with its fabled and historical past is a significant site on the island that has been preserved for posterity. Located about 12 km from Kuah, this memorial is erected in honour of Mahsuri, a fair maiden who had been unjustly accused of adultery. According to legend, she had bled white blood at her execution as a sign of her innocence. In her dying breath, she laid a curse on the island, declaring that it would remain barren for seven generations. Fact or fiction, seven generations have since passed and today, Langkawi is a flourishing tourist destination.  There  is  also   a museum here where tourists can view a recorded interpretation of the Mahsuri legend.    

Opening Hours:
8am-6pm (weekdays)
8am-6.30pm (weekends)      
Admission Fee: √      
Tel: +604 955 6055


Touted ‘The Biggest 3D Interactive Art Museum in Malaysia’, Langkawi Art in Paradise features over a hundred 3D interactive paintings done by a group of talented international artists. Nine themed zones take visitors through a surreal journey into the world of 3D art.

Opening Hours: 9.30am-7pm
Admission Fee: √
Tel: +604 959 4225

BUFFALO PARK LANGKAWI in Kampung Nyior Chabang is an attraction unlike any other. Tour the whole farm and get busy with a host of activities such as buffalo riding, anok riding, hand-feeding buffalos and hand-milking buffalos, plus a chance to taste a variety of buffalo milk products. 

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm (closed on Fridays) 
Admission Fee: √
Tel: +6019 559 6124

ISLAND HORSES Take a fun horseback-riding tour around Langkawi! No matter what your riding skill, there’s bound to be a ride to suit you. Enjoy a range of delightful horseback riding experiences, from rope-led fun rides for beginners to adventurous jungle trails for experts.

Opening Hours: 7am-11am & 3pm-6pm (daily) Closed on Monday
Admission Fee: √
Tel: +604 959 4753 

MARDI AGRO TECHNOLOGY PARK is an agricultural technology information centre complete with a sheltered hi-tech vegetable farm and recreation spots. While there, don’t forget to visit the tropical fruit farm comprising more than 20 seasonal and non-seasonal tropical fruit trees.

Opening Hours: 8.30am-5pm (open daily except Friday)
Admission Fee: √      
Tel: +604 953 2551

LANGKAWI SKYCAB  Enjoy an exhilarating cable car ride to the top of Gunung Mat Chincang. Visitors can enjoy marvellous views of the Andaman Sea and the Langkawi island group, as well as breathtaking sights such as overhanging cliff walls and isolated pinnacles.  With a length of 950 m, the Langkawi SkyCab has been recognised as ‘The Longest Free Span Single Rope Cable Car’ by the Malaysia Book of Records. It also has one of the steepest gradients in the world, at 42º.

At the middle and top stations, walking trails and viewing platforms are available for visitors to further enjoy the panoramic views. Langkawi SkyCab is situated at the Oriental Village in Burau Bay, about 30 minutes away from Kuah town. After the ride, drop by at the Oriental Village to browse through the assortment of souvenirs.

SKY BRIDGE The Longest Free Span and Curved Bridge In The World. Completed in 2004, this suspended bridge is built on top of the Machinchang mountain. Accessible from the Top Station, the bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon, hangs at about 100m above ground and it can accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience, and to bring them into otherwise unattainable locations, above virgin jungle with spectacular views. Notably, in contrast to a straight bridge, where the end is always monotonously in sight, a curved bridge offers spectacularly changing perspective that reinvent themselves, as one proceeds along it.

Opening Hours:
10am-7pm (Mon, Tue & Thur)
9.30am-7pm (Fri-Sun and public holidays)
12pm-7pm (Wed) 
Admission Fee: √      
Tel: +604 959 4225

LANGKAWI SKYTREX ADVENTURE is a tree-to-tree ‘sky-trekking’ adventure – the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia. Located in the prestigious area of Perdana Quay, it takes visitors on an exciting experience of flying, swinging, gliding and dangling on various aerial obstacles suspended above the lush tropical rainforest. It is set against the dramatic landscape of Gunung Mat Chincang which offers breathtaking views. Langkawi Skytrex Adventure is constructed and managed in accordance with international safety standards while still being environmentally-friendly.

Opening Hours:
First Departure: 9am, Last Departure: 3pm

Admission Fee: √
Tel: +6019 280 5679


Umgawa’s Zipline Eco Canopy Tour brings world-class zipline adventure to Langkawi for the first time. This is Langkawi’s only zipline, offering the chance to fly through the treetops in the rainforest. The activities are ideal for teambuilding groups, couples and individuals who enjoy nature. All courses are fully guided & covered by insurance.

Opening hours: 9.00am – 4.00pm
Tel: +604 950 2828

UNDERWATER WORLD LANGKAWI features the island’s rich treasure trove of marine life. Located at the popular Cenang Beach, this aquarium features more than 5,000 types of aquatic life, exhibited in more than 100 tanks of different sizes. The highlight is a giant tank housing large marine species such as sharks, stingrays, moray eels and green turtles, with a 15-metre tunnel for visitors to walk through. Watch these magnificent underwater creatures at feeding time.

At the New Wing, visitors have the chance to view the latest additions to the Underwater World – penguins and seals! The penguins include Sub-Antarctic Rockhoppers and include Black-footed species from Africa. The former is fed at 11.30am and 3.30pm, while the latter at 9.30am and 2.30pm. The harbour seals are fed at 11am and 3pm daily. Drop by these hours for a delightful experience! This new facility also has a three-dimensional (3D) theatre that airs informative documentaries on the island’s marine life.    

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm (daily)
9.30am-6.30pm (public holidays)
Admission Fee: √
Tel: +604 955 6100

DARULAMAN SANCTUARY is located at the foothills of Gunung Raya, Langkawi’s highest point. Enjoy the lush flora and fauna through various activities such as jungle walks, night walks, birdwatching, butterfly walk and jungle-trekking. The sanctuary is set within an area dotted with wild flowers, gigantic trees, streams and an assemblage of over 100 medicinal plants. Lucky visitors may chance upon small animals such as squirrels, flying lemurs, birds, monkeys and more

Opening hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Tel: 604 955 8080

LANGKAWI ORCHID FARM Showcasing more than 1,000 orchid species, Langkawi Orchid Farm is the largest-of-its-kind in Malaysia’s northern region. The farm showcases hundreds of species including some exotic and rare ones, including the Tiger Orchid, the Dancing Lady and the Antelope Orchid. Guided tours are available to take you around this three-acre farm to appreciate the blooms and learn about their cultivation. The farm also offers an overnight package for schoolchildren to learn about sustainable farming, from organic composting to hands-on fish farming. A small café that serves cold beverages is also available on site.

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm (daily)
Tel: +6012 470 0082

LANGKAWI  WILDLIFE PARK is home to over 2500 birds and more than 150 exotic and rare bird and animal species. It is the first in Asia with a fully-covered walkway animal park. A souvenir shop is also available.

Opening Hours: 8.30am-6pm (daily)
Admission Fee: √    
Tel: +604 966 5855

CROCODILE ADVENTURELAND LANGKAWI or Taman Buaya, located at Kubang Badak, some 32 km from Kuah, is home to more than 1,000 crocodiles of ­various species. Here, one can witness and photograph crocodiles and alligators playing and feeding in a controlled environment that closely resembles their ­natural habitat.

Opening Hours: 9am-6pm (daily)
Admission Fee: √      
Tel: +604 959 2559

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Tourist Map of Malaysia

There is so much to do and so many places to see in Malaysia. To make sure that you don’t miss anything, use this handy map to navigate your way across the country and find great places to visit.


Perlis is the northern gateway to Malaysia. Despite its small size, Perlis has an abundance of attractions that make it a great destination.


Kedah is Malaysia’s largest paddy producing state. Delve into history in Lembah Bujang, the site of an ancient civilisation or relax in Langkawi, a world-famous resort island.


The site of a UNESCO World Heritage City, Penang is a holiday paradise with fabulous beach resorts and eclectic cultures. It is also the undisputable haven for foodies.


A tin-rich state in its heyday, Perak beckons with a range of sights and experiences. The state’s top attractions include Pangkor, an island getaway and Pangkor Laut, an internationally-acclaimed private island.


Hailed as the Cradle of Malay culture, Kelantan is a destination teeming with age-old arts, crafts and pastimes.


Beautiful islands, culture and nature give Terengganu its magical appeal. Dive, snorkel, sunbathe at the islands or journey to its hinterland to experience the best of nature.


The largest state in the peninsula beckons nature-enthusiasts with exciting eco-adventures. From Taman Negara, the oldest national park in the country, to the idyllic Tioman Island, Pahang is simply mesmerising.

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s dynamic capital city is bustling with attractions and activities. Explore the city by day and night.


Selangor is home to the country’s main airport KLIA, and the main gateway by sea, Port Klang. It is also the country’s most developed state with a long list of shopping malls and themed attractions.


Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia, is a well-planned township with impressive buildings, verdant parks, scenic lakes and beautiful bridges.


From the majestic height of Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s tallest peak, to the stunning depths of the world-famous Sipadan Island, Sabah is a magnificent nature destination.


Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia, has a vast wilderness that contains numerous national parks including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mulu National Park.


Located off the northwestern coast of Borneo, this island thrills visitors with its wreck diving sites, historical relics and duty-free shopping.


The birth place of the nation, Melaka is a treasure trove of history and heritage. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage City for vestiges of the past.

Negeri Sembilan

Known for its fascinating Minangkabau culture and a unique social system, Negeri Sembilan is the place to learn age-old customs and traditions.


Visit Malaysia’s southern gateway, for a family vacation at the theme parks or escape to its islands for an unforgettable holiday.

Birdwatching Paradise

Enjoy birdwatching at 55 Important Bird Areas (IBA) throughout the country, tucked away at various habitats such as islands, coasts or lush lowland and montane rainforests.

Cool Highland Resorts

Love the cool highlands? Find refreshing destinations to unwind in Malaysia. From French-themed settings, energetic amusement parks to forest-clad hills, there is something for everyone.

Fun and Fantasy

Find the fun and thrill that you are looking for in Malaysia. Meet your favourite characters, plunge down the world’s longest water slide or enjoy the rides and games!