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78 – Malaysia Travel Guide – Perak

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Perak Perak

Land of Grace Island History and Nature Land of Grace Island History and Nature

Perak is situated along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and covers an area of 21,000 sq. km. Meaning silver in Malay, it was so named as the state is home to Kinta Valley, which once contained the world’s richest tin deposits, drawing visitors from around the globe. Today, it captivates hearts with its cave temples, virgin rainforests with exotic animals and bird species, hipster cafes that dish out delicious varieties of cuisine and the world-renowned Pangkor Laut Resort. Perak’s capital city is Ipoh. Come and experience the graceful charm of Perak!

Map of Perak

Places of Interest

PULAU PANGKOR (Pangkor Island)

The Army Museum was originally home to the first Malay Regiment batch in 1933. It traces the history, contributions and achievements of the army from the days of the Melaka Sultanate until the present. Apart from kiosks as well as information and graphic panels, the museum also utilises the Pepper Ghost technology for its audio visual presentation, the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia. There are displays of canons, tanks, locomotives and vehicles used during the war.


Nestled within the protected Belum Valley, Royal Belum beckons with its unspoilt nature. Its virgin rainforest possesses a complex ecosystem and is one of the few places in Malaysia where one can find the rare Rafflesia. It is also an important habitat for a number of endangered species such as the Seladang, the Asian Elephant and the Malayan Tiger. Royal Belum is also one of the country’s important birding sites or IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area).



Stretching over 1km from Sungai Siput to Kuala Dipang, Gua Tempurung is one of the largest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia. This magnificent showcave is made up of five domes with coconut shell-like ceilings and contains a wealth of natural beauty which includes stalactites, stalagmites and impressive rock formations. It offers various levels of difficulty, making it ideal for all types of spelunkers.



Home to some 180 local and exotic wildlife species, Zoo Taiping is the country’s first zoo. Join the Night Safari for a ride on the mini train around the zoo and watch the zoo’s nocturnal inhabitants in action.


Batu Gajah

Projecting an aura of mystery, Kellie’s Castle is the unfinished residence of a wealthy Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith. The mansion’s construction was abandoned upon his sudden demise in 1926. The castle is believed to contain hidden rooms and secret underground passages.



Lost World of Tambun is an action-packed, wholesome family adventure destination. This self-contained wonderland is cocooned by lush tropical jungle, natural hot springs and breathtaking limestone formations. The park boasts seven amazing attraction parks such as water park and animal park as well as exciting live shows, making it the ultimate day and night destination for visitors of all ages.


Batu Gajah

Tin dredges were a common sight in Perak in its heyday as a tin-mining destination. Today, there is only one remaining tin dredge known as Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 or TT5. This restored relic is open to the public and offers a Guided Dredge Tour and panning demonstrations. Commissioned in 1938 and built in England by F.W. Payne & Sons, the dredge was upgraded in 1963 and continued its operation for 44 years until August 1982. In 1997, Malaysian Mining Corporation (MMC) donated TT5 to the Perak State Government. It is located about 40 minutes’ drive from Ipoh.


Bukit Larut, once known as Maxwell Hill, is Malaysia’s smallest hill resort. Perched 1,250m above sea level, it towers over the scenic town of Taiping. Its virtually undisturbed montane forest was gazetted as a permanent forest reserve in 1910 and houses an impressive collection of flora and fauna.


Teluk Intan

Standing at a height of 25.5m, the pride of Teluk Intan was originally built in 1885 as a covered water tank to store water during dry seasons. It was straight when it was first built, but began to tilt to the left in 1889. Today, the eighty-story pagoda-like structure stands as a unique landmark.


Sungai Klah

The FELDA Residence Hot Springs is filled with natural, free-flowing hot springs that are said to contain healing properties for various ailments such as arthritis and eczema. Located at the foot of the Titiwangsa Range, it is set amidst beautiful natural surroundings.


Various places of interest are interspersed within the state in areas such as Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar and Taiping. There are many other gems in its sprawling countryside.


  • Birch Memorial Clock Tower
  • Darul Ridzuan Museum
  • Geological Museum
  • Gunung Lang Recreational Park
  • Ipoh Railway Station
  • Kek Look Tong Temple
  • Kledang Saiong Forest Eco Park
  • Sam Poh Tong Temple
  • State Mosque
  • Kinta Riverwalk

Kuala Kangsar

  • Enggor Handicraft Centre
  • Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery
  • Kampung Sayong (Labu Sayong)
  • Malay College Kuala Kangsar
  • Malaysia’s Oldest Rubber Tree
  • Ubudiah Mosque
  • Royal Museum Kuala Kangsar
  • Ulu Kenas Waterfall
  • Labu Kubong Homestay
  • Victoria Bridge

Perak Tengah

  • Pasir Salak Historical Complex
  • Pulau Tiga Handicraft Centre
  • River Terrapin Breeding Centre
  • Pendiat Homestay


  • Marina Island Jetty Complex (Pulau Pangkor)
  • Marina Island Yacht Club (Pulau Pangkor)
  • Pangkor Gallery
  • Teluk Nipah
  • Segari Turtle Management Conservation and Information Center
  • Teluk Batik
  • Teluk Senangin
  • City Mangrove Park


  • Lenggong Archaeological Museum
  • Kampung Beng Homestay
  • Lata Kekabu WaterfallsTaiping, Larut Matang and Selama
  • Bukit Gantang Homestay
  • Matang Museum
  • Eco Education Centre Matang Forest
  • Perak Museum
  • Selama Homestay
  • Taiping Lake Gardens
  • Charcoal Factory

Batang Padang

  • Kuala Woh Recreational Forest
  • Lata Iskandar Waterfalls
  • Lata Kinjang Waterfalls Batu Gajah
  • Clear Water Sanctuary Resort
  • Kellie’s Castle
  • Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 (TT5)

Kampar / Gopeng

  • Gopeng Homestay
  • Sungai Kampar (white-water rafting)
  • Gaharu Tea Valley
  • Gopeng Museum
  • Heritage House Gopeng
  • Kinta Tin Mining (Gravel Pump) Museum
  • Gua Tempurung


  • Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary
  • Ban Pecah Beach


  • Banding Island
  • Lake Temenggor

Hilir Perak

  • Teluk Intan Leaning Tower
  • Bagan Datuk Homestay
  • Maju Manik Homestay
  • Felcra Berhad Seberang Perak Homestay
  • Pulau Sembilan


  • Klah Homestay
  • Wildlife Conservation Centre
  • Felda Residence Hot Springs


Pengkalan Hulu

  • Gua Gendang
  • Rahman Hydraulic Tin

ESSENTIAL Information


You can look forward to a great shopping experience in Perak. The state has modern shopping complexes, night markets to simple roadside stalls. Just about everything is available here – food, fruits, clothing, footwear, accessories and many more. Handicraft such as the labu sayong, a gourd shaped water vessel, is unique to Perak and can be purchased from Kampung Sayong in Kuala Kangsar. Pangkor Island is newly-declared as a duty-free island and this is an added attraction for visitors.

Those in search of quaint souvenirs can browse through the souvenir outlets for embroidered fabrics, earthenware and more. Popular shopping spots:

  • Enggor Handicraft Centre
  • Gerbang Malam
  • Ipoh Parade
  • Angsana Mall
  • AEON Mall Kinta City
  • AEON Mall Station 18
  • AEON Mall Klebang
  • Memory Lane


Perak has carved an identity for itself as a foodie’s haven with its varied street fare and unique restaurants. The state is famous for its hipster cafes that are often shared in social networking sites. These hipster cafes are visited by foodies from around the country. Chinese delicacies that are not-to-be-missed here are sar hor fun, hor hee, dim sum and chicken rice with bean sprouts. Try out these local favourites:

Ipoh White Coffee

If you are in Ipoh, don’t leave without trying the Ipoh White Coffee. A favourite among coffee lovers around the country, Ipoh White Coffee had a rich aroma and smooth taste as the beans are slow- roasted in palm oil margarine.

Ikan Pekasam

Enjoy the most famous fish in town, Ikan Pekasam. Marinated in toasted rice and salt, the fish is left to ferment for two weeks in a closed urn. The process softens the fish’s scales and bones and gives the traditional delicacy its distinct sharp tangy taste. Pekasam is usually eaten with plain rice or added in fried rice. It can be found at most wet markets here.

Nasi Kandar Vanggey and Nasi Ganja

Love curry? Try out Nasi Kandar Vanggey, a plateful of rice laden with a selection of spicy curries.Nasi Ganja is another item that has carved a name for itself. An interesting point to note is that ganja actually means cannabis.It humorously implies that the dish is so good that it is addictive.

Chicken Rice with Bean Sprouts

This delectable combination of braised chicken, bean sprouts and rice is another recipe that originates from Ipoh. Fresh and crunchy, the bean sprouts here are said to taste better as they are grown with water from the limestone hills.


Seafood lovers will find a variety of dishes at the towns of Lumut on the mainland, and on Pangkor Island.

Rendang Tok

Rendang Tok is a flavorsome Malay delicacy made from an exciting combination of spices, herbs, coconut milk as well as beef and served with turmeric rice. It is normally served during special occasions such as weddings and important celebrations.


This large citrus fruit is found abundantly in Ipoh and Tambun. Roadside stalls are aplenty selling freshly plucked pomelos from the farms. Pomelo is juicy and has a subtle sweetness and a tinge of bitter aftertaste, making it unique and refreshing.


Ipoh is connected to other major towns and cities in the peninsula by a comprehensive network of road, rail and sea transportation.

Getting There

By Road

Ipoh is 165 km from Penang and 205 km or 2 1/2 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur. Apart from air-conditioned coaches from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Ipoh, there are also bus services from main bus terminals in Kuala Lumpur (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and Hentian Duta) and Butterworth in Penang to the Amanjaya Terminal in Meru Raya, Ipoh.

By Rail

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) provides train services to all major towns in Perak, namely Sungkai, Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar and Taiping. The fastest mode is the Electric Train Services (ETS) that plies between Seremban, KL Sentral and Ipoh.

By Air

The Sultan Azlan Shah Airport is located in Ipoh, about 6km from the city. Airlines such as Firefly operates Ipoh- Singapore-Ipoh flights twice daily.

Getting Around


You can hail a taxi at bus stations, hotels, shopping complexes and many other parts of the city. Please agree on the price for a round tour of the city before you get into the taxi. Call taxis are also available.


Taking the local bus is an affordable way of travelling around the state and it is also a good way to observe the local lifestyle. The main bus terminal is the Amanjaya Bus Terminal located in Meru Raya, about 20 minutes from Ipoh town.


Driving is one of the most convenient ways of getting around the state. You can rent a car and explore the state at your own pace. E-hailing services are also available

For more information, contact:
Tourism Malaysia Northern Region Office +604-263 4941 / 604-264 3494 / 604-261 0058
Ipoh Tourist Information Centre (ITIC): +605-208 3151

Tourist Map of Malaysia

There is so much to do and so many places to see in Malaysia. To make sure that you don’t miss anything, use this handy map to navigate your way across the country and find great places to visit.


Perlis is the northern gateway to Malaysia. Despite its small size, Perlis has an abundance of attractions that make it a great destination.


Kedah is Malaysia’s largest paddy producing state. Delve into history in Lembah Bujang, the site of an ancient civilisation or relax in Langkawi, a world-famous resort island.


The site of a UNESCO World Heritage City, Penang is a holiday paradise with fabulous beach resorts and eclectic cultures. It is also the undisputable haven for foodies.


A tin-rich state in its heyday, Perak beckons with a range of sights and experiences. The state’s top attractions include Pangkor, an island getaway and Pangkor Laut, an internationally-acclaimed private island.


Hailed as the Cradle of Malay culture, Kelantan is a destination teeming with age-old arts, crafts and pastimes.


Beautiful islands, culture and nature give Terengganu its magical appeal. Dive, snorkel, sunbathe at the islands or journey to its hinterland to experience the best of nature.


The largest state in the peninsula beckons nature-enthusiasts with exciting eco-adventures. From Taman Negara, the oldest national park in the country, to the idyllic Tioman Island, Pahang is simply mesmerising.

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s dynamic capital city is bustling with attractions and activities. Explore the city by day and night.


Selangor is home to the country’s main airport KLIA, and the main gateway by sea, Port Klang. It is also the country’s most developed state with a long list of shopping malls and themed attractions.


Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia, is a well-planned township with impressive buildings, verdant parks, scenic lakes and beautiful bridges.


From the majestic height of Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s tallest peak, to the stunning depths of the world-famous Sipadan Island, Sabah is a magnificent nature destination.


Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia, has a vast wilderness that contains numerous national parks including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mulu National Park.


Located off the northwestern coast of Borneo, this island thrills visitors with its wreck diving sites, historical relics and duty-free shopping.


The birth place of the nation, Melaka is a treasure trove of history and heritage. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage City for vestiges of the past.

Negeri Sembilan

Known for its fascinating Minangkabau culture and a unique social system, Negeri Sembilan is the place to learn age-old customs and traditions.


Visit Malaysia’s southern gateway, for a family vacation at the theme parks or escape to its islands for an unforgettable holiday.

Birdwatching Paradise

Enjoy birdwatching at 55 Important Bird Areas (IBA) throughout the country, tucked away at various habitats such as islands, coasts or lush lowland and montane rainforests.

Cool Highland Resorts

Love the cool highlands? Find refreshing destinations to unwind in Malaysia. From French-themed settings, energetic amusement parks to forest-clad hills, there is something for everyone.

Fun and Fantasy

Find the fun and thrill that you are looking for in Malaysia. Meet your favourite characters, plunge down the world’s longest water slide or enjoy the rides and games!